Email Design & Development

Email is a highly effective method in communicating with new and existing customers. Our services can help you deliver beautifully designed email campaigns quickly and easily.

Bulk email communication comes with regulations such as CAN-SPAM (United States) and CASL (Canada) as well as complexities such as varying email client and device compatibility, deliverability challenges, and more. Because of this we use proven email marketing services such as Mailchimp or Amazon SES.

We can help you navigate these complexities, design uniquely branded email templates, and send compliant campaigns to your customers.

Responsive Design

We design our custom email templates with a mobile-first approach so that your emails are easily readable on smart phones, tablets, and PCs. Because of complexities with all devices and software people can use for email this is no easy task, but our team has built email templates for years and knows all the quirks and techniques.

Email Apps & Integration

Need to get sign ups from a website and integrate email lists? Want to send out automated notifications for new blog postings? Or host your own email management software and save a bundle off email sending fees? We have you covered.

We can integrate email services with websites and applications in any way that you may need. Just contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

We also offer email service setup help for online services such as Mailchimp or you own hosted service with Amazon SES + Sendy: a great way to pay a fraction of the cost per email that online services charge.

CAN-SPAM & CASL Compliant

All our custom email template work and email services are compliant with regulations. Not sure if you are compliant or need help getting compliant? We can help you navigate the issues.