“White-Hat” SEO

Because there is no exact science to the practice of search engine optimization, there are many techniques being sold and a lot of misinformation available on the Internet.

White-Hat” is a term used to describe SEO practices that are ethical and follow guidelines set out by search engines and standards bodies. On the opposing side, “Black-hat” or “Grey-hat” practices attempt to get around the system with things such as paid links and reviews, spamming, and more. But tehse come with high risks, such as being locked in “Google Jail“.

We use white hat because we believe it works. Our techniques come with no risk and do not negatively affect your users or others in any way.

Local SEO

Get your business on Google Maps and other local business listings to dominate search engine result pages (SERPs). With local SEO you will use social media and business listings to expand the reach and influence of your company and drive more people to your store front (whether that’s online or brick and mortar).

Code Optimization

A large percentage of website ranking comes down to the internal code base. The code affects page speed, accessibility by users and search engine bots, as well as how it works on varying devices.

We have knowledge of how to architect and write the best code for search engines and connect it with social media protocols such as Open GraphTwitter cards, local SEO, enhanced search engine result display, and lots more.

SEO Copyediting

With our copyediting services, we can help edit and optimize your content to target desired keywords and improve rankings on search engine result pages.

Google Analytics

Good SEO relies on data. In order to get that, you need analytics on your website. We offer installation of Google Analytics or other analytics providers.